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Spotlight on ACHI on Yom Ha’Atzmaut

Rabbi Besser, principal of Manhattan Day School, introduced ACHI to an audience of over 500 at the school’s community wide Yom Ha’Hatzmaut Israel @ 60 Celebration– making sure everyone in the audience understood the ACHI’s mission and goals.

Founder of ACHI, Suzanne Weilgus highlighted easy to implement ideas that ACHI has been promoting across the USA since its inception just four years ago. “Think Israel- By Israeli” will surely be remembered by all.

“Celebrating Yom Ha’Atzamut with the Five Senses”, a program the staff of MDS and the student body presented was enjoyed by the young and mature. The students in the younger grades of MDS created Tzedakah boxes and key chains that were on display in the well decorated hallways of the school. These items were sold by upper classmen and the proceeds of the sale were donated to ACHI.

The ACHI All Occasion Cards supporting the ACHI Nourish a Child Nourish a Mind campaign were on sale as well and many parents purchased them at the ACHI display table.

Thank you MDS for a memorable Israel @ 60 Celebration in the Upper West Side Community of Manhattan and for continuing to contribute to ACHI in an exemplary way.

Results of the evening – ACHI will be providing 500 hot meals to hungry children in Israel.

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