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Manhattan Day School runs for ACHI

Rabbi Besser Yasher Koach to you, your administrators, Math teachers and to the students of your fourth grade at MDS for your collective enthusiasm and perserverence on behalf of ACHI's Nourish a Child -- Nourish a MInd Mitzvah Program.
All the MDS 4th graders became "Mathletes" and successfully masteried the multiplication tables. They raised enough money to provide hot meals for 800 children below the poverty level in Israel. As one young lady stated : "It is just unfair that kids our age are hungry!"

The teachers adopted and adapted an ACHI concept "children feeding children" and motivated their students who rallied around the project and exceeded all expectations. All students were awarded a medallion commemorating the MDS 4th Grade Multiplication Marathon of 2007. In addition, all students were guests of honour at a school sponsored breakfast.

This was a win win event for everyone and ACHI was happy and proud to award the classes with their own well earned ACHI certificates.

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