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Marion Gribetz, PEJE, and ACHI

It was a pleasure meeting with Marion Gribetz this week. Rabbi Josh Elkin, Executive Director of PEJE, suggested we meet with Marion and we certainly understand why. Marion is as committed to "Teaching Israel" as we are. Marion is an educational consultant and one of her clients is PEJE - Partners for Excellence Jewish Education.

After sharing our professional backgrounds, the ACHI team shared the positive experiences we have had at conferences, schools and as consultants to schools. We shared the success of ACHI programs: Israel Snack Day, "Nourish a Child Nourish a Mind", Think Israel Buy Israeli, The Eleventh Commandment – Thou Shall Not Leave the Supermarket Without an Israeli Product" and more. We then shared the educational resource material we have created – all related to "Israel in the Hearts and Minds of the Next Generation". We are sure that during future educational conference calls that Marion leads and during her active role at the upcoming PEJE Assembly in Boston, Marion will promote the ACHI goals and the use of the ACHI resource material. Thank you Marion.

Feel free to contact Marion at mariongribetz@gribetzmencowconsultants.com

Suzanne Weilgus, ACHI Founder and Rochelle Zupnik, ACHI Coordinator

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