Spotlight on ACHI on Yom Ha’Atzmaut

Rabbi Besser, principal of Manhattan Day School, introduced ACHI to an audience of over 500 at the school’s community wide Yom Ha’Hatzmaut Israel @ 60 Celebration– making sure everyone in the audience understood the ACHI’s mission and goals.

Founder of ACHI, Suzanne Weilgus highlighted easy to implement ideas that ACHI has been promoting across the USA since its inception just four years ago. “Think Israel- By Israeli” will surely be remembered by all.

“Celebrating Yom Ha’Atzamut with the Five Senses”, a program the staff of MDS and the student body presented was enjoyed by the young and mature. The students in the younger grades of MDS created Tzedakah boxes and key chains that were on display in the well decorated hallways of the school. These items were sold by upper classmen and the proceeds of the sale were donated to ACHI.

The ACHI All Occasion Cards supporting the ACHI Nourish a Child Nourish a Mind campaign were on sale as well and many parents purchased them at the ACHI display table.

Thank you MDS for a memorable Israel @ 60 Celebration in the Upper West Side Community of Manhattan and for continuing to contribute to ACHI in an exemplary way.

Results of the evening – ACHI will be providing 500 hot meals to hungry children in Israel.

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PURIM: Think Israel Buy Israeli

Two congregations in the NY area turned to ACHI for help in enhancing their Purim Mishloach Manot baskets. In both cases they made a committment to Israel by filling their baskets with Israeli goodies and treats.

Thank you: Shanee Epstein, Education Director of Town and Village Synagogue
Julie BenAvram, Youth Administrator of Westchester Jewish Center

for thinking Israel and buying Israeli.

We know that other organizations are doing the same especially in celebration of Israel's 60th Birthday! We would love to hear from you. Share your experiences with us and all our members.

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Children feeding Children

What a wonderful response to ACHI's participation at the UJA Federation of Northern NJ conference this fall. The children pf Chavurah Beth Shalom Religious School from Alpine, NJ elected to send their Tzedakah Collection to ACHI to provide 2 classes breakfast for children in need in Israel. Thank you Debra Kronberg, Religious School Principal, for participating in the ACHI "Nourish a Child -- Nourish a Mind" Mitzvah program and thank you for all your caring children.

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Manhattan Day School runs for ACHI

Rabbi Besser Yasher Koach to you, your administrators, Math teachers and to the students of your fourth grade at MDS for your collective enthusiasm and perserverence on behalf of ACHI's Nourish a Child -- Nourish a MInd Mitzvah Program.
All the MDS 4th graders became "Mathletes" and successfully masteried the multiplication tables. They raised enough money to provide hot meals for 800 children below the poverty level in Israel. As one young lady stated : "It is just unfair that kids our age are hungry!"

The teachers adopted and adapted an ACHI concept "children feeding children" and motivated their students who rallied around the project and exceeded all expectations. All students were awarded a medallion commemorating the MDS 4th Grade Multiplication Marathon of 2007. In addition, all students were guests of honour at a school sponsored breakfast.

This was a win win event for everyone and ACHI was happy and proud to award the classes with their own well earned ACHI certificates.

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ACHI Reaches the University Level

February 13, 2008

This week the ACHI Team met with Rabbi Kenneth Brander, Dean of Yeshiva University’s Center for the Jewish Future.

The meeting was productive because both organizations agreed: “we have common goals”.

ACHI looks forward to maintaining an active role in CJF undertakings that are focused on “Israel in the Hearts and Minds of the Next Generation”. For example

1. The ACHI Israel @ 60 Guide will be distributed next month at the upcoming CJF Leadership Conference in Miami. 2. The ACHI Israel Guides will be made available to the Azrieli staff.

3. “Think Israel Buy Israeli – will be promoted to YU Rabbis for the “Double Your Mitzvah Campaign” for Purim Pesach Shabbat etc.

4.”Nourish a Child Nourish a Mind” a chesed program that will be introduced to Rabbis and their communities.

Together we will make a difference in the lives of our brethren living in Israel.

The ACHI Team acknowledges Rabbi Brander for his support and suggestions to help ACHI expand its reach and succeed.

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Marion Gribetz, PEJE, and ACHI

It was a pleasure meeting with Marion Gribetz this week. Rabbi Josh Elkin, Executive Director of PEJE, suggested we meet with Marion and we certainly understand why. Marion is as committed to "Teaching Israel" as we are. Marion is an educational consultant and one of her clients is PEJE - Partners for Excellence Jewish Education.

After sharing our professional backgrounds, the ACHI team shared the positive experiences we have had at conferences, schools and as consultants to schools. We shared the success of ACHI programs: Israel Snack Day, "Nourish a Child Nourish a Mind", Think Israel Buy Israeli, The Eleventh Commandment – Thou Shall Not Leave the Supermarket Without an Israeli Product" and more. We then shared the educational resource material we have created – all related to "Israel in the Hearts and Minds of the Next Generation". We are sure that during future educational conference calls that Marion leads and during her active role at the upcoming PEJE Assembly in Boston, Marion will promote the ACHI goals and the use of the ACHI resource material. Thank you Marion.

Feel free to contact Marion at

Suzanne Weilgus, ACHI Founder and Rochelle Zupnik, ACHI Coordinator

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Spotlight on ACHI -- Hundreds of educators

Hundreds of educators gathered at the fall 2007 Board of Jewish Education of Greater New York (BJENY) Conference. Suzanne Weilgus, founder of ACHI, presented a inspiring 4 minute overview of our organization. Consensus of the audience was overwhelmingly positive. Principals and teachers appreciated hearing about easy to implement ideas such as Israel Snack Day and Nourish a Child Nourish a MInd, Israel Tzedakah program.
As a direct result of this conference two schools have already actively participated in this Chesed in Israel program.

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Siblings at a Bris -- Helping Israel

I recently aattended a Bris and saw the sister and brother of the baby boy offeringa a " Sweet Taste of Israel" to everyone by working the crowd witha basket in hand filld with IsraelI candies. There was a framed certificate proudly displayed by the parents of the baby informing their guests that at this special occasion the treats (Kif kaf, Pesek Z'man, B&B pretzels and Bissli) were a simple way to perform a chesed that supports the economy of Israel and boost the morale of our brethren.

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Think Israel Buy Israeli

The ACHI Team met the CEO of Ornat (a luxury chocolate comoany), at Kosherfest of 2005 in the Javitz Center. ACHI has been promoting the chocolate product line ever since. A chocolate praline imprinted with the Choson and Kallah's monogram is a popular item and has been ordered by many to enhance their simcha. Others have chosen to hand out chocolate mint medallions with Mazel Tov on the gift box when entering the chupah room.
ACHI then prepares a customized certificate for the hosts of the simcha so the guests are imformed that the sweet taste of Israel is part of their special celebration.
The unique and custom chocolates are appropriate for many different occasions and Israel Tzedakah fundraisers.

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Double your Mitzvah

Support Israel and help Alleviate Hunger. Purchase and use the ACHI All Occasion Card throughout the year for any special celebration or event: Mazel tov, happy birthday , get well, in memory of etc.. Proceeds from each card provides 2 hot meals for a child in an impoverished area in Israel. To purchase cards visit the ACHI at

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